Ultimate Car Seat Buying Guide 2013

No experience in life can compare with the wonder and excitement of bringing home a new baby, and no amount of reading, shopping or planning can prepare you completely for what’s in store. Your life is about to change forever, and before it does, you have some big decisions to make. The first time your baby’s life will depend on ... Read More »

Ultimate Crib Buying Guide 2013

Crib Buying Guide

A crib is the centerpiece of the nursery. A crib is also one of the most important purchases parents make for their little ones. Because your baby will spend considerably more time in their crib than any other place, you need a crib that not only provides comfort but also offers safety. Given the multitude of cribs available, parents often ... Read More »

Best Baby Monitor Buying Guide 2013

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Baby monitors are important for your baby’s safety and your peace of mind when your little one is resting or playing in another room in your home. Parents can maintain a sense of freedom by carrying a handheld monitor while moving room to room in their home, or venturing outdoors for short periods of time. Baby monitors will alert you ... Read More »

Video Baby Monitor Buying Guide 2013

Video Baby Monitor Buying Guide

While video baby monitors are relatively new on the market, they are quickly gaining popularity with new Moms. Video monitors work by transmitting images from your child’s room to a portable unit. This enables you to check on your baby whenever you want, without waking up the little sleepyhead. Unlike standard, audio-only baby monitors, which only lets you hear your ... Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Car Seat Safety

Unsafe Baby Without Car Seat

Hopefully you’re well aware of this if you’re getting close to your due date. Car seats are now mandatory in all 50 states. This means if you want to bring your baby home from the hospital, you need to have a car seat installed. Correctly. You can check your own state’s laws for more detail. So, as you may expect, a ... Read More »

Baby Toys

The following toy suggestions have been broken down into age categories 6 months at a time. It doesn’t take long for a child to tired of a toy once he has mastered it. The recommendations described below are highly rated by parents, but we really don’t know how the kids feel about them. Toys for Children ages 0-6 Months Gymini ... Read More »

Baby Swings

We have heard many new parents praise their swing for soothing an otherwise inconsolable baby. However not all babies love a swing, in fact some never take to it. Since this is one of the more expensive purchases you’ll be making, we suggest you first borrow a swing from a friend. If baby loves it, go ahead and buy one. ... Read More »

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors work much like the walkie-talkie’s we all loved as kids, only one-way instead of two. A great invention that allows mom and dad to rest comfortably knowing that they can hear their baby at the opposite end of the house. Unfortunately, in addition to hearing your baby, you will probably hear a lot of other things as well. ... Read More »

Baby Thermometers

Described below are three thermometers recommended by the Best Baby Products staff. Best Baby Thermometer Reviews Thermoscan Ear Thermometer Takes your child’s temperature and gives you a reading within one second. The thermometer will not operate without a disposable lens filter, which is very sanitary but also can get expensive. Results are usually in the ballpark, however they can be ... Read More »


These portable playyards have replaced the old playpens with more features and added convenience necessary for today’s families. Most come with carrying cases and all fold up very compactly and are lightweight. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and include features such as bassinets, canopies for shade outdoors, wheels and more. The bassinet is a particularly nice added feature. ... Read More »