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Lightweight Strollers

This type of stroller folds up compactly, is generally light in weight and come in two basic types. The first type is generally inexpensive and works reasonably well for those trips to the mall. Often referred to as umbrella strollers, because when closed they resemble umbrellas, they represent a good second stroller for use at times when convenience is key.

The second type of lightweight stroller offers both the convenience of the cheaper ones with the sturdiness of regular strollers. With proper care, a good lightweight stroller can last for many years. This does come at a price however, as high quality lightweight strollers can be very expensive. Umbrella strollers are not recommended for children under 6 months of age because the hammock style seat provides very little support. Your child should be able to sit up on his own before you use one of these. Most lightweight strollers come with large stroller baskets and many have other features such as snack trays, etc.

Lightweight baby strollers have come a long way from the basic umbrella stroller. Today’s lightweight baby strollers have many of the same features as larger strollers, but the pared down versions are much easier for travel and quick trips to the mall or zoo. All of these compact strollers should be easy to stash in a trunk without taking up too much space.

Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

Peg Perego Aria MT

The Peg Perego Aria MT one of the more expensive lightweight strollers, but its features allow the Aria to be used as a full-time stroller. A multi-position reclining seat, carry strap, five-point harness, roomy seat and basket, removable child tray, parent cup holder and sunshade are all standard on this 10 pound stroller. A universal car seat attachment strap allows this stroller to hold any infant car seat, too. The Peg Perego Aria MT is a great choice for families who travel a lot.

Maclaren Volo

The ultra-light Maclaren Volo (9 pounds) packs a lot of style and convenience into a small package. The Maclaren Volo has a sturdy frame and beautiful steering. You won’t struggle to make tight corners with this stroller. The 2005 Maclaren Volo also comes with a sunshade, which was sold separately on previous models. The carry strap and five-point harness are nice features. A small basket holds parent gear under the seat. The mesh seat is great for ventilation, but the seat doesn’t recline.

Combi Savvy Soho

At only 11 pounds, the Combi Savvy Soho is one of the lightest strollers on the market today. The seat reclines partially for in-stroller naps, and the guard bar is removable, which is convenient when baby grows to toddlerhood. The Combi Savvy Soho stroller has a large storage basket, sunshade and machine-washable seat cushion. The carry strap and ultra-compact fold make this a great baby stroller for travel. The five-point harness adds safety. Some models come with a matching bag, too.

Cosco Soria

The amazing price and sleek, stylish look make the Cosco Soria a nice choice for bargain shoppers. The Soria doesn’t skimp on convenience, though. The stroller weighs about 14 pounds and has a sturdy metal frame, reclining seat, sun shade, front snack tray, parent tray and storage basket. The Cosco Soria stroller is a big step up in style and quality from cheap umbrella strollers without a step up in price.

Zooper Rumba

Zooper is always a good choice when it comes to strollers, and the Rumba is no exception. Weighing in at 17 pounds, this lightweight stroller has four-corner suspension, an extra-padded seat insert and a sun shade for baby. Parents both tall and short will love the height-adjustable handles and storage basket. The Rumba folds compactly for storage and has a four-position reclining seat, so it can be used for smaller infants.

Chicco Caddy

The Chicco Caddy is a sturdier version of a basic umbrella stroller. At 11 pounds, the Chicco Caddy is lightweight, but has features normally found on standard strollers. The seat has two recline positions and a five-point harness for baby safety. A sun shade, storage basket, carry strap and stroller storage bag all come with the stroller. The strong anodized aluminum frame sets this stroller apart from other flimsy umbrella stroller models.

Inglesina Swift

Ergonomic handles make this lightweight stroller easy on a parent’s hands, while the four-position reclining seat adds comfort for baby. The Inglesina Swift has a foot pedal mechanism for folding and features a sunshade, storage basket and five-point harness. Reflective piping is a nice safety feature for families who walk or travel a lot at night. The Swift stroller weighs 11 pounds and holds babies up to 35 pounds.

Peg Perego Pliko

Peg Perego was able to pack a lot of convenience features into 16 pounds with the Pliko stroller. This stylish, lightweight baby stroller even features a rear footboard that allows a second child to ride. The Pliko stroller also has a universal carseat strap that allows any infant seat to be attached to the stroller. With a washable seat, carrying handle, height-adjust handles, large basket, swing-open child tray and reclining seat, the only downside to this stroller is price (nearly $300).

Combi Flash Universal Carseat Stroller Frame

A carseat stroller frame can come in handy for parents of infants. At only 10 pounds, the Combi Flash lightweight stroller frame is easy to carry using the built-in strap. The frame accomodates most infant seats, which snap into the stroller frame, allowing parents to move baby easily from car to stroller. One-hand release makes opening the stroller easy even while holding an infant carseat. A roomy basket, stroller pack with bottle pockets and sturdy wheels round out this great infant stroller.

Kolcraft Tour Sport

Kolcraft’s Tour Sport is a great, basic umbrella stroller at an even greater price. Perfect for quick trips, this lightweight stroller has a sun shade and padded, reclining seat for baby and a cup holder and gear bag for parents. The 35 pound weight limit is a little low, but otherwise the Kolcraft Tour Sport is probably the most feature-rich and sturdy umbrella stroller under $40. This stroller weighs just over 11 pounds and has a wider seat and frame than some inexpensive umbrella strollers.

Combi Savvy Z

A high quality high priced lightweight stroller, the Combi Savvy Z weighs in at a mere 7.7 lbs. This model features easy one-handed folding, detachable front bar, ample storage basket and a strap so that you can carry it over your shoulder. It comes in many stylish patterns, the most popular (and our favorite) being the leopard print pattern. One drawback is that this stroller only reclines partially, making it difficult for your child to nap in it. The only other problem we’ve heard with the Savvy Z is that it has a short handle so if you are tall, you may find this stroller uncomfortable to use.

Peg Perego Pliko Matic

Highly regarded by many parents who love the convenience and durability of this stroller The Pliko Matic features 4 position reclining seats, shock absorbers and weighs in at a lightweight 14 lbs. Folding up the PlikoMatic is easy, with one button on the handle and no bending. There is even a carrying strap. For added convenience, after the stroller is folded it can stand upright for compact storage and can be rolled on it’s wheels through the airport or on the bus. The back footrest is very useful for an older child who decides he/she wants to take a ride too. The only complaint heard about this stroller is that a storage basket is not included, however, one can be purchased separately.

Graco One Hand Folded Literider

Features a one handed folding system, which allows you to fold it at the touch of a button. However we have heard that it can be difficult to close for some. The seat has a 4 position recline and the removable and washable pads are very easy to clean. This stroller also provides a removable snack tray and large storage basket. Like most inexpensive umbrella strollers this one is not as durable as some of its competitors but as umbrella strollers go, it rates high due to the extra features offered at a reasonable price.

Kolcraft Reclining Umbrella Stroller

A very inexpensive option for a lightweight stroller, the Kolcraft’s selection is not fancy and may not make it to your second child, however. If you’ve also purchased a regular stroller or carriage and are looking for an economical second stroller for those occasional trips to the mall, this may be a good choice. At this price the Kolcraft lives up to its name because like an umbrella, if the stroller breaks, just toss it and buy a new one.

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