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Tandem Strollers

This product is for families with two stroller age children or twins. You must first choose between Tandem and Side by Side Models. The Tandem models, which position one child behind the other, are generally preferred because they are easier to maneuver and work better when cruising with only one child. Most side by side models are too wide to fit through many doors and are clumsy when used with one child. An important feature to look for is independent reclining seats. This allows one child to sit up while the other lies flat or reclines.

Described below are three strollers recommended by the Best Baby Products staff in three general price categories. Recommendations are re-evaluated every three months and prices and product availability are researched every Friday morning.

Best Tandem Stroller Reviews

Peg Perego Tender Twin

More expensive than the other tandem strollers, but once again with the price tag comes Peg Perego quality and durability. The Tender Twin is very lightweight and is easy to fold. Again, the back seat reclines fully for the sleeping infant. The basket provides very little storage space and the view from the back seat is limited to the back of the first child’s head. However, the stroller handles very well and will probably hold up through your stroller years with few problems.
Cosco Two-Way Tandem Stroller

This tandem stroller has a reversible front seat so that your children can ride face to face and play (or fight) with one another. The back seat reclines fully like the Graco model and there is a convenient bottle/utility bag on the rear seat back. Your children will love the roomy seats and you will love the huge basket however you may not love lugging this one around since it is very heavy and may be difficult to maneuver into and out of your trunk. Another thing that you may not love about this stroller is that the leg room is reduced significantly when the children ride face to face. We suggest that you check this one out in the store before buying.

Graco DuoGlider

The DuoGlider is a tandem double stroller (seats are front and back instead of side to side) that features an elevated rear seat, very roomy storage basket, removable front snack trays, individually reclining seats and removable and washable seat padding. One of the features that sets this stroller apart is that you can attach various Graco infant carriers to the back seat. However, the infant car seat does not come with the stroller, as with many travel systems, it must be bought separately.

Another distinctive feature of the DuoGlider is the elevated back seat. Referred to as stadium seating, this design allows both children to have a good view of the playing field (or mall). The raised rear seat also allows for better access to the storage basket underneath. The DuoGlider steers skillfully and handles corners very well, particularly for a double stroller. The only drawback we found is typical of most double strollers in that they are heavy and large. We also found that closing the stroller takes more effort than desirable. However, if you are in the market for a double stroller, we think that you will find the DuoGlider to be a good quality stroller at a reasonable price.

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